Counting Stars – A Long time Fiction from a Fan

Everyone we  striving to be noticed. To have that golden beam hit one of them and stay on one. It was all the glee club knew. New York City seemed like the place to achieve that, and while a few got their fifteen minutes of fame, it was Rachel Berry who hit it big time first. She was the lead of ‘Funny Girl’, Broadway’s sweet heart. She was the breakaway star of the group, everyone thought. But then it all turned after one winter fashion show. Now she had to compete with her long time best friend Kurt Hummel who was growing exponentially in fame.They tried to be friends. But the lima Ohio misfits couldn’t seem to hit that note right.

Years later and  Kurt Hummel hasn’t gone back to Lima or talked to anyone he knew there for a while now.To be accurate, he hasn’t talked to anyone since he started his rise to fame mainly because before then no one was interested in hanging out with him. That is until Rachel Berry finds him and corners him into coming back to Lima, to save the glee club. The same glee club that allowed the two to be friends. But after all these years, can any of the members manage to cooperate. Kurt doesn’t think so. But like everyone else, he’ll have to try to do something more than showing up to help. For the first time in forever they’ll have to sacrifice their wants for what the club could need, before it’s too  Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Britanna,Puck/Quinn, Finn/Rachel


Most BS Yet- 2

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the proper next part to The Most Basic Story Yet.

Still on the first floor was a round of seats assembled, matching the room’s aesthetic, and waiting were his parents. Lounging with her feet up on the ottoman, his mother had her eyes closed with the sunlight pouring right on top. Her gentle chocolate curls shimmered in the spotlight, and long slender fingers moving ever so slightly to brush them. The rest of her was no different, having more of the appearance of a twenty-year-old than a near forty-year-old one. Still, the minute she could hear his footsteps her long lashes fluttered open and he was greeted with a disarming smile. It was hard to be annoyed by the servant while looking at her, the joy from just being near her was already intoxicating.

His father stood by, looking around in thought. His hair didn’t have much curl to it rather it took on volume for it’s beauty. It was cut asymmetrical and the left side showed off the man’s natural highlights. Dressed in a royal suit, small badges and awards twinkled together as he turned. His eyes don’t hold as much joy as his mother did, rather focusing on the boy uneasily.

When Lux came to them, he bowed swiftly from the waist. “Father. Mother.”

“My darling.” His mother whispered in glee. She raised her hand as high as she could, and he met her there to allow a soft caress of the check. They shared a brief smile together.

His father coughed. “Has everything been packed?”

Lux broke away from his mother. “Yes. Everything is packed. There is just one more thing to consider.”

His parents waited.

“I don’t want to go.”

His mother slouched further in the chair while his father took a steady breath, holding onto the chair as he did.

“This is not up for discussion Lux. You chose the school and now you must follow through.” His father answered sternly.

At his side, Lux balled his fists. “I didn’t know a bunch of nobodies were going to be there. I don’t want to deal with them.”

His mother gave him a sympathetic look.

“You don’t want to deal with them or what you had done?” His father snapped back, waving a finger in his direction.

“Them.” Lux said loud and quick.

His mother stood up and placed herself between them. “Gentlemen, please. This is no time for fighting. Haven’t we all done enough of it?”

His father shot him a hard look. “I’m not sure. Lux?”

Lux shot the hard look right back, his rage boiling his insides. “I am not forcing anyone to do anything. It was their choice-”

“You are the reason they were sent here!” His father stepped past the mother and came right to Lux’s face, not mercy and sympathy anywhere on his face. “Your words have much more power and you know that.”

On his face, a grin broke on it. Slippery and sly, Lux leaned away from his father. “Anybody can sing, but it takes a real musician to get the crowd going.”

A hard slap echoed in the chamber and Lux stumbled back.

The mother instantly repositioned herself in front of her husband, frantically looking back at her son. “Antun, Antun! We mustn’t hit. He is egging you.”

“He knows better.”

The grin on Lux’s face slightly disappeared, the stinging sensation spread across his face and the feeling of cold metal pricking his nerves. His body curled itself but at the same time tried to position it to attack back. The sensation of want raced through the boy at lightning speed, sparking nerves and sending distant memories to his brain. He covered his mouth and looked at his parents.

The doors to the gallery burst open with a gust of wind rushing in past the two people entering.

“Princess Antonela Aklina Vitezic, your majesty.” The servant bowed and quickly vanished, closing the doors.

A small girl walked to the King, her dark hair flittering around her shoulders by the gust of wind. She smiled brightly at him, her chocolate eyes warm to the sight. The dress she had on was bright yellow and slowed around her ankles, which had a pair of shorts seen underneath when the girl spun around. When she was done she bowed playfully and laughed, her father joining her.

“Ela.” He embraced her in a small hug.

Ela turned to her brother slowly retreating to the wall. “What are you doing Lux?”

He rolled his eyes and removed his hand from his mouth, licking his lips for any blood. “Just speaking my mind, that’s all.”

Ela shook her head and pulled him away from the wall. He didn’t try to resist. She looked between the two men with a smile. “I heard the slap.”

The room went silent. Their mother sucked in a harsh breath.

“It was nothing.” Lux corrected standing straight. “Don’t worry yourself about it.”

Ela laughed into her hand. “I wasn’t. Knowing you, you probably deserved it.”

The parents suppressed a smile from their faces, just barely.

“Be nice you two.” Their father squeaked out.

Taking the mother’s hand, the parents made their leave in silence. The children watched as they go.

The NORMAL Neighbors

‘It would be fun’, she said. ‘It would be a learning experience’, she said. If by learning my mom meant realizing that your new neighbors across the street smile way too much to actually be happy half the time, then I’m in class right now. Start teachin’ mom.

My new neighbors, they were the average people. Brown hair, blue eyes, nothing stood out with them; which made them completely stand out. This street was full of weirdos and creeps, and while my family is kind of normal, everyone else has gone off the deep end. The widow on our left is a weird old woman who likes to garden way too much. She’s the reason I nailed my blinds shut because once you saw grandma without her hand-me-down overalls you either scoop out your eyes or do what I did. Of course, then there is the family on our right with the pair of devil spawned fraternal twins that like to climb up on our lawn care box on the back porch, and stare into the kitchen and dining room. My mom once tried to invite them in, but they seemed to be stuck at the back door. I wonder why?  I just put a well-hidden cross, that was passionately blessed by the priest up the street, on the door post. Whatever could it have been?

I’m the investigator of the neighborhood, or what my older siblings like to call me, the sci-fi lunatic of the street. I admit, my accusation against the mail lady being a werewolf was a bit far-fetched, until she growled at me one day for grabbing the mail out of her hand. When I tell you that the new couple across the street has a secret, just trust me.

The doorbell rang, or at least I think it did since nothing could be heard from inside the house. The woman answered the door with the usual wide smile stretching her face sideways.

“Come in. . . “ She stepped to the side and I walked in.

“Thank-you.” I don’t give my name to the possibly-alien-probed-people intent to destroy life as we know it.

I walked into the large open living room with a flat screen tv, leather furniture, and baje colored walls. The man walked down the stairs and went right over to the woman and put his arm around her. “Hello.” He smiled

I waved. “Is there anything I should be, concern,” think about the next word carefully. “Anything I should be concerned with?”

“Nope.” The woman bounced on her heels. “We just feed Poopsi upstairs and the door is shut so there, nothing to really worry about.” She played off the whole situation, but my body had chills running up and down my spine. What’s a Poopsi?

“Just don’t go upstairs,” The man warned. “Poopsi isn’t friendly towards strangers.

They said some other things and then left with big smiles on their face. I stood there for a while before slumping on the couch. There were two ideas in my mind. Leave and go home before I see something I don’t want to see, or go upstairs to find their secrets. Upstairs always have secrets, my sister’s room is upstairs and that’s where I found her diary.

Slowly I got up off the couch and climbed the tall staircase.There was a long hall with several doors. Carefully I opened them one at a time, looked in and then shut them. At the end of the hall, there was a door. With all the other doors checked out, with no sign of ‘Poopsi’, I ventured toward the last door. My hands shook as they reached for the knob. The door squealed as it dramatically opened. I looked in.

The room was pretty empty, which was odd since it was the largest and most likely the masters. There was a dresser, mirror, a table and a lamp on it, and something in the far corner. Just glancing at it made my stomach turn, so I just avoided it. Walking close to the walls I went over to the dresser and slowly opened the dusty thing. There was a quiet growl that came from the dark, mysterious corner, and when I looked at it again I could make out a small childlike hand and a grown man’s foot. I turn away when I felt it looking at it. My breathing stopped. What was I looking at?

Rolled tightly together, all in rows with one laying right on top, were masks. But as I brushed my fingers over it, over the rough lumpy white hair and smooth nose, I started to recognize the face. It the old lady’s face that liked to sleep in her garden naked. I retract my hand and made a loud gasp. So loud that the thing in the corner made a grunting noise.


I froze with my back turned to it. I shut my eyes and prayed that it couldn’t see me.

“MaSeR?” It called out.

I looked at it in the corner of my eye and saw the abomination. It was two people combined. I could see the two faces morphed together, the nose sticking oddly up and the light played on its deeply sunken cheeks. It didn’t look nice or healthy. But as odd as it looked, it was short and oddly child-like.

“MAy we ComE oUt?” It was odd, but it sounded like the twins from next door. “We WoN’t do IT agAIn.” It said.

I finally turned to it and met its gaze. One green eye, and one blue eye significantly smaller than the other.

“YoU’re Not sUppOse to Be herE.” It said while narrowing it’s – what I think is – eyebrows at me.

I raced out of there, down the stairs and out the door. Halfway across the street, I look back and see them looking down at me through the second-floor window. As I reached my side of the street, I saw that I left the front door wide open, but I wasn’t that concern. I ran into my house, up to my room and under my covers for the rest of the night.