Fanfic: Vacation Descendants 1

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, a land is divided into two groups. You were either good and loved in the glimmering land of Auradon with no problems whatsoever. Or you were evil, set to live your entire life and your descendant’s life on a forsaken isle right outside the kingdom. With a magical barrier keeping everyone who had every been the least bit interesting, the isle was appropriately named the Isle of the Lost. Lost because while Auradon had grand balls every night and the newest technology,the isle was left to be lost in the fairy tales.

                    Mal shut the book with a huff. Alone in the library, she laid the velvet book on the end table. On the weekends most students are home or out. She wasn’t one of them. Instead she wasted her time on meaningless tasks for King Ben. She sighed into a hand.

                    It wasn’t meaningless. It was probably important. Important – she couldn’t figure it out. Browsing through the bookcases, Mal searched for anything magical sounding in the titles. Most were plain titles with basic names and adjectives. After an afternoon of looking and reading, Mal escaped out the side door. A few people she passed greeted her with smiles, but luckily most students were still off campus. The castle was a short walk and Mal easily got to Ben’s office.

                    Taking a small peak in, she saw papers and books everywhere. Opening the door more, she saw Ben hunched over in a chair a corner. Lumiere was right by his side, picking out books to put on the table and taking some off the table to put them back in the case.  Carefully stepping in, Mal scanned some papers near the door.

                    “Hey…” Ben looked up from the thick book on his lap and smiled.

                    “Hey Benny-boo. How you do?” Mal stepped over a stack of paper.

                    Ben shut the book and walked over to her. The piles didn’t seem to bother him nor did they hinder him. They hands interlocked and with a brief kiss, Ben lead her to the bookcase.

                    “Wow . . . This isn’t the least bit crazy.” Mal teased.

                    Ben shrugged. “I have slightly gone out of my mind. But it will be worth it when I find what we need.”  He took a step towards the book shelf and read over Lumiere’s shoulder

                    Mal leaned on the desk and chuckled to herself. “If only we knew what we were looking for.”

                    He shook his head. “I know this is confusing. I can’t say I’m faring any better,” He held her by his side and looked over the bookcase, overwhelming fatigue and worry washing over them.

                    A servant ran in with heavy breathes. “Sir! The fairy Godmother has found something.”

                    Moments later, she came in. Dressed in a lengthy pale blue dress, she glided into the room with a unsure smile.  Bowing, she approached the two.“Hello dears, I’m afraid I don’t have the best of news.”

                    Looking between the two, Mal rolled her eyes and sighed. “Why do I have a feeling we’re traveling back to my neck of the woods.”

                    Ben pat they interlinked hands. “Mal, come on. There would be no reason to go to the isle. All royal titles were dethroned when the villains were sent there.”

                    The Godmother squeaked between the two with an uncomfortable smile. “Almost all. We didn’t get all the villains and not all graves were found. So, while most were dethroned, there is still one lineage that is still in line.”

                    Mal and Ben looked with baited breath at her. “Which one?”

Any guess or critiques? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear you. 


Reader’s Critique: Disney Descendants

I love Disney Villains. When things go right, they are glorious and when they go wrong they get even better. Many people have their favorite Disney villain, if not for the actually plan then just for the aesthetics of the character. My favorite was always Maleficent because she was just terrifying to me when I was little. The evil queen was a close second. So when movie news came out that the villains would get a movie, or more so their descendants, I was really intrigued. Immediately I knew the whole ‘crime of the parent doesn’t go to the child’ plot line would be used and from the trailers I saw them mingle with the once tortured civilians. I was general interested with this because it was a great opening for a perspective story.

The kids think that they are awesome and run amuck, not giving two shits about anyone or anything. Then they get plopped down in the middle of the rest of society and all of the sudden they are hated for stuff they never did. It would bring up the point between the two people of what bad and good really means. Sure Maleficent sentenced an princess into a deathlike slumber but she was basically insulted by being the ONLY person not invited to the christening. Not to mention if we go by the live-action version, they stole her wings. Cruella just doesn’t like dogs and had a bit of a passion problem. The stepmother in Cinderella was constantly being judged by the standards of Ella herself and how do you raise your own kids like that, none the less someone else’s?

Sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with you because they can’t handle what’s right about you.

I have no idea, Google

With all that said though, the movies, the books, was a let down. Not only were the main characters not evil, they were barely recognizable from their parents. Mal isn’t remotely faerie like, Carlos is a wimp, Jay…. came out like Gaston’s kid and Evie is literally a pun for Evil. The villains also weren’t that imposing with Maleficent barely passing her own kid’s head in height. They also play with the cliche “she can’t figure out modern things” even though she has been resurrected for nearly twenty years before the story. LIKE A FRIDGE. The kids are mischievous at worst and insecure at best. Which I thought was a good thing since the parents are villains, they aren’t handing out motivation most time. Now that I think of it, why do these kids even remotely care about their parent? The parents never show any affection in anyway and if we go off by their base Disney movies, psychology would dictate that the kids would be WAY more insecure, way more illusive in trying not to be near the parent and more aggressive with each other. They act like a group of suburbia kids in a less clean side of town. Also the children of the “Good” guys are spoiled brats and for some reason have the guts to talk to the villain descendants. Cinderella’s kid is a jerk, Aura’s kid is a bitch queen and Belle’s kid is really dumb. Ben, he is just arm candy.

Descendants, I could probably write it better. I won’t at the moment, but the universe has me intrigued. Wonder what my characters would do to it? >:]