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How to write a blog post (Parody)

To write successfully, don’t do it often. Only write in bursts and during all- nighters. The best thing is to invest in a scheduling button. If the site on which you write doesn’t have one, you’re screwed. As such, WordPress is a blessing because you don’t have to […]

Go vote. No exscuses

I have Bio 212-01, a creative writing class and a 50,000 word project to work on today. I am still going to vote, even if it’s raining. I am in my car, going back to my town to go vote. Go Vote. It’s easier than marching.

It wasn’t that bad…

Says no one ever. Why is it that when we are out of work, time goes by like it’s late to a family funeral and the person was a gracious millionaire? At work though, I can guarantee that every minute will be felt. I’ve felt it Sometime I […]