Counting Stars (1) / A Long Read

The New York Coffee shop was bustling, people grumpy and groggy pushing past one another to get their order and leave. The poor coffee staff hurried behind the counter. Kurt Hummel, as relaxed as he could be, followed in line as he watched silently at everyone else. It’s been awhile since he could be in a coffee shop and not be swarmed by paparazzi or raging fans. Once he gets to the counter he waits patiently till the girl rings the order. She does and finally looks up. Her mouth dropped and the corners slowly rose. He handed her a bill and pressed a finger to his lips. She covered her wide smile with her hand and held in a squeal.

“You are like, my favorite designer.” She whispers over the counter.

He smiled at her and hands her a tip, a large one and starts to head out the door.


He frantically turned to the voice and started to make an excuse. Walking towards him was a small girl, with gorgeous brown ringlets and a black dress. He stood there staring at the girl as she smiled wider and wider at him as she approached. As soon as she got to him he realized that she was not a random fan or person, she was the Broadway star from Funny Girl; She was Miss Rachel Berry.

“Kurt!” She said gleefully as she embraced him for a hug. He slightly complied, still stun to see her. After a moment, she let go of him and stood there admiring. “How are you, it’s been awhile?” She exclaimed.

“Um,” For a second he was lost for words, but he then snapped out of it. “Great, great, and how are you miss Berry?”

She giggled. “When did we become so formal?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so use to you being called that on the pamphlets. Miss Berry, Miss Berry, is just got stuck in my head.”

“Do you have a second?” Rachel asked hopeful.

He stood there uncomfortable, wanting to say he couldn’t, but something sparked in him to say yes: An old response to Rachel, something that hadn’t come up since he left. “Sure, why not. I got the time.”

She clapped her hands together and they took a table outside under an umbrella. He ate his bagel and sipped his coffee as Rachel talked aimlessly.

“I’m sorry, I know I talk a bit too much.” She abruptly apologized.

“No, no. Don’t worry about it.” He said coolly. “I kind of miss someone babbling on about stuff, sometimes people can’t seem to speak their minds, especially when it could save lives.”

Rachel giggled at the table and then smiled at him. “You are an expert on that.”

“Not really, there are plenty of people that can do it much better than me. Try anyone who has been interviewed by the press, they can certainly speak.” He joked

“Nothing but junk.” Rachel added. “But you always seem to say something inspiring or intelligent. People get helped when you talk.”

“I just say the things that needed to be said, they do the work.” He shrugged.

There was a moment of silence as they both looked down at the table, thinking and remembering.

“So,” Rachel looked up to Kurt. “May I ask why you canceled a bunch of shows from now till, like, three months. I mean, that can’t be good for publications or profit.” He asked as he leaned back in his chair.

“Oh,” Rachel blushed. “I’m going back to Lima.”

His cold expression melted at the name. He hadn’t thought about that name, said it out loud or had even talked about the place in years. Suddenly, his mind turned with curiosity, oddly hoping to hear news from a place he didn’t want any affiliation with, and anyone from there.

“How come?” His face transformed to a new old expression.

“Glee club.” She sighed.

He looked at his coffee, feeling a stabbing sensation in his stomach. He didn’t like the feeling and wanted to leave, but unsure on how to leave.

“You know the contract, the one Sue made us sign in glee club as a scheme to try to shut us down? She wrote it so that at least one person wouldn’t want to sign and then we would be short and then she could shut us down. It was what?  One in sophomore year and then one is senior year? Yeah.”

He chuckled to the side and then nodded to her.

“Well, there’s an error in it and everyone one who can, has to come back.” Rachel crossed her legs and looked at her hands under the table. Kurt’s amusement vanished as quickly as it came. Well, there’s an error in it and everyone one who can, has to come back. There was moment of silence before Rachel looked up again. “Are you going?”

He sat there his mouth open, wanting to say his real answer, hell to the no, but his boldness evaporated and he was left with his shell. He didn’t need to know any details to know for a fact that he wasn’t, and really didn’t want to go back. “Um,” The only word that came out of his mouth. “Um, when is it?” He instantly regretted it, because it gave false hope that he was even considering the possibility.

“You didn’t get an invite?” Rachel cocked her head in confusion.

Kurt shook his head slowly, silently knowing why he hadn’t gotten one.

Rachel whipped out her cell phone and searched on it. She then held it to him. “Isn’t this your number?”

He peered at the phone and laughed in his mind, keeping his face still. She still had his old cell phone number from when he still lived near her. As cute as it was, it was a stinging reminder on how long it had been since they had talked. “No.” He answered calmly

She retracted her phone back and sighed at it. “Figures.” She huffed. She suddenly broke into a smile and shined it at him. “For a while there, I thought you were just ignoring my text and calls.”

She giggled but he admitted inside his own mind that in fact, that was the main reason why he had bought a new phone and changed his number. Once he started his rise to fame, the others kept trying to socialize with him and cling like a newborn infant to it’s mother. They weren’t interested in him before it so he saw no reason to reciprocate it. He wasn’t their mother nor would he ever again pretend to be anyone’s mother. It might have been a bit too cold to just go up and change his number and not really talking or calling once in a while, but the hiatus was refreshing and now that he was sitting across from one of his old associate, he really wished the hiatus lasted longer.

“You should give me your new number so we can get together and hang out again.” Rachel suggested. Kurt took a deep breath, trying to not show that he was displeased with the suggestion. “Maybe later when we are both not so busy in the morning.” She giggled. She put her sunglasses on and turned around in her seat to the street, just as Kurt sighed in relief. “Oh my god.”

He turned in her directions and mimicked her reaction. Rushing towards the two was a small horde of paparazzi, cameras flashing and shouts heard from where they sitting. Kurt instinctively stood up, gripping his coffee, and planned to run until Rachel stood up and grabbed his arm. He turned his head to her and she again, smiled. She kept them standing there until the group of paparazzi caught up with them. When the paparazzi did, they instantly surrounded them and started to flash camera’s in their faces while shouting things at them.

“Rachel, what are you doing with Designer Hummel?”

“Kurt, how do you know miss Rachel Berry?”

“Can we get a shot with you guys?”

The shouts began to be more and more obscure, and while Rachel basked in the fame, Kurt stood there with a surprised look, almost as if he was scared but trying really hard not to show it.

“I was just having some breakfast with my old friend, Kurt Hummel.” Rachel announced to the cameras. They turned to him, and without missing a beat he agreed.

“How do you know her Kurt?” One reporter shouted at him

“From high school, we were in a club together.” He answered calmly, stuffing his free hand away from Rachel’s grabbing palm and into his pocket.

They continued to shout things at them and although it was refreshing to get some needed attention, Kurt had about enough of it within a few minutes. He slowly leaned down to her ear without any of the reporters pointing it out.

“Hey listen,” He whispered, Rachel nodding shortly in recognition. “It’s been nice seeing you and getting breakfast. Maybe it will happen again, but I have to go right now.”

She turned her head up to him. “Already?” She puppy- dogged her eyes but his only response was a shrug. What else could he do? “Fine but we should totally hangout later.”

He faked a smile and briefly hugged her. Then while avoiding anymore paparazzi, he got a cab and headed to work; VOGUE.

He kept his head down for the day, not looking up at anyone or speaking when asked. He felt the eyes on him. Rachel, why? Why, did you really mean your statement or was it just another scheme to get more publicity. The first time he did look up at his workplace, he met Paul’s stare at him. The corner of Paul’s mouth turned up but the rest stayed straight. Kurt sank back in his desk, keeping his eyes to his screen.

“Kurt! You knew her?”

He looked up from his screen and raised his eyebrows at Isabelle who walked up to his desk. In her hand has a print out column with a picture of him and Rachel from this morning. News in New York travels extremely fast.

“Yeah, we were friends for a while.” He admitted coolly

Isabelle nodded her head, rested her hands on the top of his computer head, and thought for a moment. She then quickly looked at him.

“Do you think she would be a model for one of the designs?”

He shrugged and rolled his eyes. Isabelle brought the column up to her face and started to read it over again.

“Seems like she was enjoying the spotlight with you.” Isabelle absently commented.

Kurt snickered at it and she glanced away from her reading to look at him. He quickly covered his mouth and avoided her stare.

“What?” She asked

He waved her off but she didn’t stop.

‘What? What is so funny?”

He waved her off once more. “Nothing, nothing.” He centered himself and stopped chuckling, although it left a smile on his face. He couldn’t believe anyone who heard the name Rachel Berry would ever say that she likes to share the spotlight. With the years of knowing her with him, and even if he hadn’t seen her for a few years, not in a million years would she change from being a spotlight hog. The memories came back as clear as glass the times she had nearly endangered some else in order to keep her spotlight or bullied someone into submission in order to get another solo. He knew he had some moments where he had foolishly tried to take her on for a solo, only to get viciously torn apart till there was barely any of him left to live. Their friendship was odd and wasn’t always clear if they were even friends, and maybe that was the reason they had fallen out. He hadn’t thought about it since the first couple of months after he had moved out, and after thinking hard about them he realized that their friendship was one sided. He was there to encourage Rachel like a mother without any appreciations or expectations for anything back from her. And like he said before, he will not be anyone’s mother anymore.

“So what did she want?”

He glazed over his screen again. “Just wanted to chat.”

“Anything new, something that we can use for maybe an article?” She asked, leaning a bit into his workplace.

He shrugged. “She went on with Funny Girl and her roommate and her are going to Ohio for glee club-“

“She’s going to Ohio?” Isabella asked, interrupting rudely.

He looked up at her with an uncaring expression. “Yeah, that’s why Funny Girl has been canceled for like three months.”

Isabella nodded at the information and took a moment to formulate her next question, which came fairly easy. “Why?”

“Glee club,” Kurt answered without missing a beat. “Apparently she is going to Lima to see if she and a bunch of other alumni can get the Glee club back. But I wouldn’t hold my breathe.”

“Why not?”

He looked up at her. “Because I know the principal, Sylvester, and from years of experience she will not let Glee club have come back. She would rather wipe out the entire famous and rich celebrity race and burn down every recording studio in the universe and beyond than let Glee club come back.”

Isabelle raised an eyebrow. “And you would know about this. . .why?”

He sighed and looked down at the screen. He clicked open a folder and dropped his work into it. He could see where this was going and there was no way around it. After making sure the document was saved and backed up, he leaned his head in his hand and tilted his head up to her.

“Because I was apart of that club.”

Been waiting forever


You could have been waiting a day

You could have been waiting a month

You could have been waiting a year

You could have been waiting years

You could have been waiting lifetimes

You could have been waiting forever

None of it seems to matter when you find that one piece that completes you, whether you like it or know it. Whether you could completely imagine yourself with them or didn’t even know about them. It’s almost like the world starts spinning a bit slower, or maybe I just made it sound slower so I could have more moments.

Lucifer: Did you?

Giovannii: 🙂 The world will never know, but it was completely worth it.

Counting Stars – A Long time Fiction from a Fan

Everyone we  striving to be noticed. To have that golden beam hit one of them and stay on one. It was all the glee club knew. New York City seemed like the place to achieve that, and while a few got their fifteen minutes of fame, it was Rachel Berry who hit it big time first. She was the lead of ‘Funny Girl’, Broadway’s sweet heart. She was the breakaway star of the group, everyone thought. But then it all turned after one winter fashion show. Now she had to compete with her long time best friend Kurt Hummel who was growing exponentially in fame.They tried to be friends. But the lima Ohio misfits couldn’t seem to hit that note right.

Years later and  Kurt Hummel hasn’t gone back to Lima or talked to anyone he knew there for a while now.To be accurate, he hasn’t talked to anyone since he started his rise to fame mainly because before then no one was interested in hanging out with him. That is until Rachel Berry finds him and corners him into coming back to Lima, to save the glee club. The same glee club that allowed the two to be friends. But after all these years, can any of the members manage to cooperate. Kurt doesn’t think so. But like everyone else, he’ll have to try to do something more than showing up to help. For the first time in forever they’ll have to sacrifice their wants for what the club could need, before it’s too  Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Britanna,Puck/Quinn, Finn/Rachel

My body was a sneaky one, and I SO don’t approve

I work nights.

I love working nights.

My body does not.

Even after several weeks on this new schedule, my body is still putting up a fight with me. Am I hungry? Tired? Feeling healthy? I couldn’t tell you correctly because while my stomache might be grumbling, but everything I see is bland and unappealing. Sometimes when I go for my scheduled nap before work, my body will feign a high and suddenly I will feel like I won’t need one. Trust me, I will need it.

Recently people have asked if I had lost weight, in a flattering/impressed way, and when I said no, they note that I seem thinner. What?

But the highlight of it all was the other day when I slept for ten hours straight.

Ten hours.

Body.. why you do this?

My family just put it to, if your body needs it then it needs the sleep. I, on the other hand, feel very panicked when I wake up after 3. For some reason my body has this unorganized thought of, “OH MY GOSH DID WE JUST DIE?!”

No joke, and to the less extreme I will feel very uncomfortable and disorganized for the rest of the day. Not saying it wasn’t a good sleep. I just don’t like being alive like that.

Most BS Yet- 2

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the proper next part to The Most Basic Story Yet.

Still on the first floor was a round of seats assembled, matching the room’s aesthetic, and waiting were his parents. Lounging with her feet up on the ottoman, his mother had her eyes closed with the sunlight pouring right on top. Her gentle chocolate curls shimmered in the spotlight, and long slender fingers moving ever so slightly to brush them. The rest of her was no different, having more of the appearance of a twenty-year-old than a near forty-year-old one. Still, the minute she could hear his footsteps her long lashes fluttered open and he was greeted with a disarming smile. It was hard to be annoyed by the servant while looking at her, the joy from just being near her was already intoxicating.

His father stood by, looking around in thought. His hair didn’t have much curl to it rather it took on volume for it’s beauty. It was cut asymmetrical and the left side showed off the man’s natural highlights. Dressed in a royal suit, small badges and awards twinkled together as he turned. His eyes don’t hold as much joy as his mother did, rather focusing on the boy uneasily.

When Lux came to them, he bowed swiftly from the waist. “Father. Mother.”

“My darling.” His mother whispered in glee. She raised her hand as high as she could, and he met her there to allow a soft caress of the check. They shared a brief smile together.

His father coughed. “Has everything been packed?”

Lux broke away from his mother. “Yes. Everything is packed. There is just one more thing to consider.”

His parents waited.

“I don’t want to go.”

His mother slouched further in the chair while his father took a steady breath, holding onto the chair as he did.

“This is not up for discussion Lux. You chose the school and now you must follow through.” His father answered sternly.

At his side, Lux balled his fists. “I didn’t know a bunch of nobodies were going to be there. I don’t want to deal with them.”

His mother gave him a sympathetic look.

“You don’t want to deal with them or what you had done?” His father snapped back, waving a finger in his direction.

“Them.” Lux said loud and quick.

His mother stood up and placed herself between them. “Gentlemen, please. This is no time for fighting. Haven’t we all done enough of it?”

His father shot him a hard look. “I’m not sure. Lux?”

Lux shot the hard look right back, his rage boiling his insides. “I am not forcing anyone to do anything. It was their choice-”

“You are the reason they were sent here!” His father stepped past the mother and came right to Lux’s face, not mercy and sympathy anywhere on his face. “Your words have much more power and you know that.”

On his face, a grin broke on it. Slippery and sly, Lux leaned away from his father. “Anybody can sing, but it takes a real musician to get the crowd going.”

A hard slap echoed in the chamber and Lux stumbled back.

The mother instantly repositioned herself in front of her husband, frantically looking back at her son. “Antun, Antun! We mustn’t hit. He is egging you.”

“He knows better.”

The grin on Lux’s face slightly disappeared, the stinging sensation spread across his face and the feeling of cold metal pricking his nerves. His body curled itself but at the same time tried to position it to attack back. The sensation of want raced through the boy at lightning speed, sparking nerves and sending distant memories to his brain. He covered his mouth and looked at his parents.

The doors to the gallery burst open with a gust of wind rushing in past the two people entering.

“Princess Antonela Aklina Vitezic, your majesty.” The servant bowed and quickly vanished, closing the doors.

A small girl walked to the King, her dark hair flittering around her shoulders by the gust of wind. She smiled brightly at him, her chocolate eyes warm to the sight. The dress she had on was bright yellow and slowed around her ankles, which had a pair of shorts seen underneath when the girl spun around. When she was done she bowed playfully and laughed, her father joining her.

“Ela.” He embraced her in a small hug.

Ela turned to her brother slowly retreating to the wall. “What are you doing Lux?”

He rolled his eyes and removed his hand from his mouth, licking his lips for any blood. “Just speaking my mind, that’s all.”

Ela shook her head and pulled him away from the wall. He didn’t try to resist. She looked between the two men with a smile. “I heard the slap.”

The room went silent. Their mother sucked in a harsh breath.

“It was nothing.” Lux corrected standing straight. “Don’t worry yourself about it.”

Ela laughed into her hand. “I wasn’t. Knowing you, you probably deserved it.”

The parents suppressed a smile from their faces, just barely.

“Be nice you two.” Their father squeaked out.

Taking the mother’s hand, the parents made their leave in silence. The children watched as they go.

Fanfic: Vacation Descendants 3

“So who is this Santa Claus guy?”

The Isle was in full swing by late-afternoon.  Crowds swarmed the venders and inside was even worse with huddles around rickety conveyer belts and lines. The trio maneuvered around the town, ohhing and ahhing at the sights like tourist, The audience around them gawked and whispered. No one dared to meet their eyes, and many moved out of the way. Among the layers of dirt, some merchants had some interesting trinkets to sell, but unlike his companions Scott refrained from touching and messing with it all. Aleasa kept to his heels, poking and prodding some items when it peeked her fancy. Thomas on the other hand, knocked things over without much care, breaking sometimes.

Keeping an eye out for the kettle Hooligan wanted, Scott also was on the search for something else. Something slender, something thin. It was his very own staff that would appear in the same dimension he was in. The only problem was that he never knew where it would appear.

“Scott! Look at this windchime!”

He smiled over at Aleasa who held out a rusted windchime with forks dangling below, ringing out a decent pitch in the light breeze. He held a thumb out to her and turned back to his search. After looking through the bazaar, the old wheat mill, and at the bridge that was broken off, he sat down at the curb with a huff. The sky had streaks of orange, pink, and yellow running through it. He watched as the street urchins slowly evaporated into the slow coming darkness, the Isle suppressed by an eerie silence. Alone, he sat for some time.

Thomas and Aleasa found him right as the last of the sun had vanished and plopped themselves right at his side. Scott stayed silent.

“So what happened after the turbine came down?” Thomas asked with a glance at Scott.

  “The pansy was all like ‘dude, you can’t do that! It’s structurally unstable without it!’” Aleasa snickered with a quick wave of her hand. “So over course I took to not only reversing that piece of junk, but then I set it so the blades would come off their axle and you would have loved to see where it went then!”

Pausing, she glanced at Scott, dazing and distant. She bumped shoulders with him. He slowly turned to her.

“What happened after the blades got lose?” He said quietly and flat.

“Scott, hey. What’s up?” Thomas scooted closer to him.

He shook his head and gestured for them to continue. Neither of them did, waiting on Scott to spill. Instead he stood up and rubbed his forehead, his breathe being heavier then normal. They watched as he paced back and forth, silent and labored.

“Scott?” Thomas carefully stood up and approached him.

He stopped suddenly with his back turned them, one hand over his eyes and one clutching his stomach. Aleasa stood up and backed away. Thomas froze. Scott then bent over and knelt on to the ground, a stifled sob coming from him. Dropping their bags, they rushed to his side as he continued to curl up.

 “Scott? Talk to me. What is going on?” Thomas wrapped an arm around him desperate to get him up again; just to see his face.

“Scott, come on Scott. Get up please.” Aleasa sat on the other side trying to brush his hair and the sweat away.

On the ground, he choked on the sobs, squeezing around his stomach tighter and tighter. Nothing worked. The sweat continued to bead down his face, his chest tightening into a knot, there wasn’t enough air. Not for all of them. Heat rushed through him from somewhere unknown, and suddenly it was everywhere. In his hands, in his lungs, his bones, there was nothing like it.

Scott wouldn’t remove the hand over his eyes but Thomas and Aleasa could see what was happening. His pale skin darkened and crusted over into cool blue scales. Starting at his hands, they crusted over into black claws and scalely hands.

Thomas reached over to Aleasa and pulled away from him, rushing over to a nearby building. Rustling in his bag for a moment, he snapped the bag from Aleasa’s shoulder. She yelped as it did.  After a moment, he sneered at her.

“Where the hell are the blood extras?” He bared his teeth at her.

 “He drank them already. I couldn’t grab the ones in the basement.” Aleasa snapped back.

Thomas rolled his eyes. “So all that time I spent- It doesn’t matter.”

They rushed back to Scott who had progressed further into transformation up to his forearms. Both arms were now wrapped around his stomach and he looked up at them with tears in his eyes.  Aleasa wrapped around his shoulders and pulled him up as Thomas pulled up his sleeve to show off his clean forearm.

  “Scott, open up.”

One glance at him and Scott lurched against the ground, drool dripping despite of the pain.

“Scott come on, this is the only way.” Aleasa fought him keeping him off the ground. Glancing at Thomas, she bit her lip and nodded.

Taking a deep breath, Thomas grasped Scott’s head and forced it. Doing so, made Scott gasp and using it, he shoved his forearm into Scott’s mouth. The impact of the bite was instant. Suddenly there was nothing for Scott except the rush of hot liquid coming down his throat. The heat of the transformation subsided almost immediately, and it was all blood.

Above him Thomas winced and tried to not look as Scott bit down harder. Instead he kept eye contact with Aleasa, who made it easier for him by holding his chin up and faking a smile.

 After a minute, Scott released the hold and sat up. Thomas released a shaky breath and collapsed in his lap, burring his own tears. Aleasa scooted closer to Scott and laid her head on his shoulder.

“He’ll be okay. You both will be okay.” She brushed a tear away.

Scott carefully brushed the dark curls, making sure not to scare Thomas. “It’s getting worse. We can’t stay for very much longer. Whoever this is, whoever I took hold of,” He gestured to his body.” I don’t think our anatomies match.”

Thomas took a shaky breath and sat up, holding his bare forearm close to him. “A don’t think a vampire and a spawn can share the same body. That was a bit too much, even for me.”

Scott pulled him closed, humming in agreement. He shimmed his shoulders slightly, bouncing Aleasa’s head. “It was a fun vacation while it lasted.”

Aleasa nodded and closed her eyes for a moment. “Too bad we didn’t tell anyone where we were going before we left.”

Scott chuckled. “Looks like we’re on our own,” He looked to her and smiled. “That’ the way we want it right? Me, you, and curly-shirely here.”

Thomas sat up with a grin. “Why do I let you two talk me into these things?”

Scott and Aleasa smiled dramatically big at him. “Cause you’ll be bored without us.”

Standing up and collecting their things, Scott took a moment to look at Thomas’ forearm. Bruised and scared, there was a clear bite with the deepest marks at the canines and incisors. Following the curve there was a light indent of molars on his arm as well.

“It’s not the worse that’s ever happened.” Thomas chuckled awkwardly.

Scott raised a brow at him. “Really?”

Thomas’s slight smile dissipated. “No, no. That may have been. Please don’t get that thirsty again.”

Scott released his arm and shrugged. “With the spawning, I can’t tell if I am or not. It’s really confusing up here.” He knocked on the side of his head and gave a sheepish smile

Aleasa shook her head. “We didn’t sacrifice that orphan for no reason Scott.”

“I thought that was to get in contact with Guardian?” Scott narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Aleasa flipped her hand in a gesture of ‘either or’.

The two boys looked her over and snickered.

“Come on, it’s late. There’s a place nearby to sleep for tonight.” Thomas pointed to a brick building in sight.

The other two nodded and followed without a word. Inside, it was oddly painted with weird portraits, symbols and the phrase ‘long live evil’ all over.