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Under Construction – CH 1

  The desk tipped over underneath him. He went down with it, sounding a yell. The desk crashed forward, the top of it popping open like it was on hinges. He landed on the top and cracked it with his weight. The small club erupted in laughter. The […]

It’s odd- Your odd

It’s hard enough having a friend in your head saying that what you do, want and say are stupid, but to have a good portion of the people you know say it too, really doesn’t help. All too often when im trying to talk myself back into things […]

From bad to worse

Having my driver side window out of commission until I can get a part for it during the end of the summer was bad enough. Already I had accidentally pressed the button to roll it down only to be reminded that, ‘it be not okay’ Fantastic To also […]

Chillin with A Villain

We get into stuff because it has a certain element or topic we want to explore. Depending on how well this goes, we can get obsessed with it. The Sims series allows us to play the ultimate ‘What if’ game. Call of Duty allows one to be immersed […]